• New popup menu to quickly show and access all of your shortcuts without needing to memorize them!
  • Customization options for the menu, let me know what you think!
  • Settings Dark Mode & support for BetterSettings/other settings tweaks
  • Actually fixed settings UI on iPad
  • Fixed iMessage crashing when pasting image using Enter instead of space
  • Fixed text highlight staying after pasting in WhatsApp
  • Customize ImageCorrect on tweak list
  • Settings have been completely redesigned
  • Added exporting all your shortcuts and a way to import them
  • Improved popup look
  • Removed Cephei dependency
  • Fixed settings UI on ipads
  • iOS 10 has been enabled but is untested
  • Possibly fixed images not pasting when they should
  • Images now also paste when clicking the Enter key
  • Fix matching case option not loading properly when editing shortcut
  • Added support for pasting GIFs and PNGs
  • Added support for 3rd party keyboards
  • Matching case option is now per replacement instead of a global setting
  • Added experimental video to GIF coverter
  • GIFs properly animate on replacement page and preview image
  • Selection text now follows text when scrolling
  • Reduced lag during scrolling when there are a lot of replacements