• Text selection window now properly shows above keyboard
  • Fixed crash with Translomatic
  • You can now click the title in Settings to test your changes live.
  • Icons for CopyLog, Speech/Spell, and Lookup
  • Added button text for the button to flip text writing direction
  • Remove code causing springboard to freze
  • No need to respring or kill apps when changing settings
  • Add some images
  • Fix bug with a default button image not showing when custom images are diabled

New features

  • Custom scroll indicator!
  • Improved the positioning of the window - now uses custom position logic
  • Cleaner default settings - reset to check it out!
  • Cleaned up code & improved performance
  • Improved button touch highlighting
  • Improved Textyle support

Settings Changes

  • Number of options shown is now between 2 and 12
  • Border radius is now in pixels rather than percent
New settings:
  • Force one line - force button text to fit on one line, ON by default

  • Button highlight color

  • Scroll Indicator Customization:

    Indicator thickness (px) - Thickness of the scroll indicator
    Vertical padding (%) - Distance from the top of the window to the top of the scroll indicator (same with bottom)
    Horizontal padding (%) - Distance from the right of the window to the scroll indicator
    Indicator color - Color of the actual moving scroll indicator
    Indicator background color - Color of the indicator background

  • Changed default font to Helvetica Neue

Bug fixes

  • Images are properly shown with non-english languages
  • Buttons are now positioned correctly when images are enabled when the Textyle menu and text replacement menu is open
  • Existing images such as Textyle and native text style now use their own custom image and text (this is done manually, send me a message if a button has only an image and you want text with it)
  • Fixed bug causing restricted window height
  • Fixed crash with Google Translate


Before submitting a bug, image request, or feature request, please turn on debug mode.

Contact me: Message me (u/Satvikbdev) or email me at [email protected]

  • Added images for text based options - with full customization!
  • if there is a missing image for a text option, please send me a screenshot
  • More custom separator options (alignment + thickness)
  • Added setting for padding between images, text, and window edge
  • Added setting to remove non alphanumeric characters from text (such as ellipsis)
  • Added few miscellaneous options
  • Experimental setting to change font (currently only system fonts supported)
  • Fix dependency bug
  • Improved settings pane and new options for text and borders.
  • Fixed bugs regarding dependencies, preference loading, and positioning of images.
  • Initial release.