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twttr twttr 1.0.3 Aesthyrica
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This package is compatible with arm64e (A12) devices.

Recent changes • Full changelog

  • Added Inbox message text read colour
  • Added DM read indicator colour


This tweak is the most advanced colour tweak designed to let you colour every single element of the twitter application freely.
On the tweak preferences page, you’ll find 3 options separated by "Dim" "Lights Out" "Bright" which refer to the three colour modes that the official Twitter app supports.
twttr Modes:
  • Dim
  • Lights Out
  • Bright
twttr Features:
  • App Colours
  • Extras Colours
  • Text Colours
  • Direct Messages Colours
  • Quick Options (Coming Soon)
twttr Theme Options:
  • Premade Themes
  • Saved Themes
  • Save Theme
  • Share Theme
  • Import Theme


Screenshot - twttr
Screenshot - twttr
Screenshot - twttr
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