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Notifica Notifica 0.3.0-4 Nepeta
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This package is compatible with arm64e (A12) devices.

Recent changes • Full changelog

  • Added new color averaging mode - the one from Axon.
  • Added an option to copy preferences from Notifications section to the Banners section (and vice versa). Requires a respring to apply.
  • Fixed color issues on A12 devices.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Maple.
  • Improved colors in "Now Playing".
  • Improved speed and memory usage.


DOWNLOAD: libcolorpicker-nepeta (click on this)

Notification customizer.


  • Supports iOS 12 and 11.
  • Dark mode for your notifications, banners and widgets. (set the background color to black or something like that and you'll get that)
  • Modern style for your notifications, banners and widgets. (like ModernXI)
  • Lets you customize your notifications, banners, widgets and the "now playing"/media controls:
    • Hide icon, app name and/or the time.
    • Center the contents.
    • Set transparency for the entire banner or just the background.
    • Set the corner radius (rectangular/square notifications).
    • Customize background and text colors.
    • Customize background blur.
    • Customize gradient.
  • Allows you to set the vertical offset for the notifications.
  • Allows you to hide "No older notifications"
  • Has a built in notification and banner tester.
  • Has a "pull to clear all" feature.
  • IS COMPLETELY FREE. (and open source)


Screenshot - Notifica
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